Sunday, 15 July 2018 00:53

“Moyale is Bleeding”. Again!

It is really a tragedy that over 50 Somalis are reported to have been killed in the Moyale area of the Somali Region in a cross-border attack from Oromia side of the border.
Though Abdi Mohamoud Omer, aka Abdi Iley, and his Liyu Police gangs were heavily involved in the Somali-Oromo conflict in which he even confessed to in-front of the Regional Parliament, it became a cover for blatant massacres against Somalis on the border areas for quite some time. He will also undoubtedly benefit from its continuation.
The Federal government is also in a serious dereliction of duty for not doing enough to stop these recurring border violence. The federal government is responsible for this ‘whether by omission or commission’.
They should have already put in place a lasting mechanism to avoid these recurring and calamitous border violence against innocent civilians.
These heinous acts of violence and killings against Somalis in Moyale and other border areas on the hands of some elements of Oromia security forces are outrageous and evil as much as the violence perpetrated by the Liyu police on Oromo civilians is outrageous.
Everybody should condemn this evil and inhumane acts in the strongest terms possible. 
The continued silence of the prime minister on the Somali-Oromo border is also deeply disturbing and equally frustrating given the fact that he has vigorously spoken out against violence in other parts of the country while also jumped through many hoops to address them.
At this point, the prime minister should seriously be concerned about his agenda as well as his legacy since these repeated incidents of violence will do an irreparable damage to his image, both as a peacemaker and as a reformer. After all, you cannot dream of making peace with neighbors, while your home is on fire.
What is also paramount is holding all those invested in this violence to account, especially Abdi Iley, in which there will never be a lasting peace while he is in the picture.
We, as Somali activists, are strongly condemning the killings of many innocent Somalis in Moyale as other border areas. We are also calling on Oromo activists to denounce this despicable and inhumane act of violence perpetrated with abominable cruelty. 
The “Liyu Police and Abdi Iley is attacking” us has become rather stodgy and a blanket cover for some of the cross-border conflict that has nothing to do with the Liyu Police. Especially in this incident, no Liyu police or other security personnel were reported to have been involved or seen anywhere near the proximity of the place where these attacks have taken place.
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