To: World Bank all around the world.
CC.Websites to Awdal,Hargeisa and Mogadishu


Dears Colleagues,
After the collapsed the former National government on Jan 1991,all Social 
economic or infrastructure had been ruined by the long civil wars all clans were 
fleeing the capital of Mogadishu on early of that year,and every clan went to 
their Villages,Towns and regions, and capital seemed empty some how or other 
few months later.
After few months all Elders from Somaliland had met in Berbers,and started the 
first reconciliation meeting that held inthat town,between all clans lived in all 
regions and towns from Somaliland on late of Feb 1991(Former of British 
Protectorate)but on May 1991.) all intellectuals ,Elders and former Military 
Officials were invited to participate the deeply corncering meetings and to find 
the better solution that will reconcile the self-determination, but finally they 
agreed and declaredself-declared independent of Somaliland on May 1991, few 
months later when Abdurrahman Ahmed Ali was chosen as first president and 
Hassan IssaJamawho became the vice and those who are the same clan.Then few 
days after they nominated all members of ministries and institutions like 
Ministries ,parliamentarians,Elders, Banks,Military and Police Officials Nominated 
into One Clan ,while Other Clans were extremely astonished an unexpected 
things that all government institutions of importantpositions taken by the 
central clan of Isak,then all corner clans started to refuse how something is going, 
particularly in Gadabursi who lives from Gebelay to Djibouti and Darod from 
Ainabonear Burao till ,Sanagand Sool regions were eagerly refused and 
nomination of high selection of Government Officials etc.That is why the 
intellectuals from corners regions started and established Awdal and 
KhatumoStates,for good exmaple the last meeting that held in Istanbul 
inTurkey(Between Soma,I,and and Somalia),then Turkey Officials asked the 
president Ahmed Silanyowhere the other Somaliland Clans like GADABURSI AND 
Dhulbahante/Wersengeli of Darod??? He did not find what to answer.
we are indicating herewith that World Bank had resealed two rounds to 
invest the all Private Business and enterprise sectors in Somaliland in order to 
create economic growththrough out Somaliland, (Missing for a long time of 
Somali Development Bank which was covering all those needs).We are seriously 
certifying that the two rounds you were released ,and applied on Round One 
over 1700 applicants ,then ,59 persons were won on short lists and only 4 
persons receivedout of that grant, you can’t image how something is going!!!
On the other handOur people were expecting that the World Bank Officials 
particularly the expectorates to change something and will takelessons thatthey 
leant from Round One and unfortunately on Second Round 2114 Applicants had 
also applied and fulfilled Concept Note of the World Bank,,but the second round 
also become worst than the pervious ,hence over 160 persons were won the 
short lists that both small and large grants, and now it became things fall apart. 3 
personsofGdabursi that reveived out of 160 winners it is miracle events,.andyou 
intentionally did what you want( Somali staff.) both Two rounds nearly 0.001% 
Succeeded on Short list by Gadabursi in Awdal,Wajale and Gebilay the donation 
from people of America into One Clan.
Obviuoslywe are here by justifying how the Somali staff corrupted the world 
bank and investment became ISAK BUSINESS FUND,(They lost the Impartiality and 
Neutrality of your policy (World Bank.) Are you blind oryou know intentionally???
for instance Wajale and Gebilay are under Hargeisaregion,Gadabursi is 2/3 of 
those towns .Then all private sectors received and given direct into IBF,and 
ignores the Majority people.
Here is another sample is shown here only one person had applied to large grant 
in Qabri-bahar irrigation farms which consists over 180 farmers over 140 kms 
North/East of Boramaor 70kms from Lughaya on the Red Seaonly one guy having 
one farm in that zone that applied the IBF and received both 2 rounds because 
he trusts knows the Staff,while all other farmers of that area were ignored and 
wondered how corruption is going.
the World bank provided 2.2 Million $ on round One that means only $90,000 
received all Awdal,butGebilay and wajale got Nothing.
 Round two 0ver 8 Million $ had granted ,therefore only 3 persons received from 
Awdal Region,while Gebilay and Wajale(Gadabursi) still astonished under zero 
funds as usual while their neighbors receive the good amount of Grants. So that 
I say loud and clear voice to concerning and international Communities to review 
back where is your donations or funds are going for??
USAID is now released It’s second round we don’t know where the first Round 
is gone?? please take a good lesson how to World Bank’s Funds had corrupted 
Last but not least,when we still wonder why don’t SBF put the short list of 
successful grants in to their website on Round 2,as usual,that is why what we 
suspected to your un fair and injustice selections,and no way to apply for Round 
3, I don’t think so that our people is ready to apply because waste hours destroy 
your live,we have done more affort and time and our results became zero,So if 
and if you only to follow these following steps or comments may be we resume 
again to your applicants.
1- If world bank wants to continueCreating the economic growth in all Somali 
people you should take these step.
2- You Should and Could Change some to your current policy
3- 3-You have to mix the Somali staff into different clans.
4- You have to keep to your impartiality and neutrality amoung Somali people
5- -If world bank wants to Create the economic growth in all Somali people 
you should take these steps.
6- For instance if 150 applicants that you allocated to give and will be short 
listed for Round 3 that means you have to divide into 6 regions that is to 
say 25 top applicants will be submitted for each region/As Crude//that is 
the only solution that you can give your grants in to all regions.
Ahmed Awaleh Gadeed/Awliyo Ziela town.


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