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Black Hawk Down soldier dies at 52

Black-Hawk-Down-soldier-dies-at-52(UPI) -- A decorated soldier who took part in the battle of Mogadishu depicted in Black Hawk Down died earlier this month at the age of 52.
Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Gallagher, who served three decades in the military and later dedicated himself to working with wounded warriors, died at his home on Oct. 13 from a heart condition.
The Third Infantry Division, under which Gallagher served as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom I, announced his passing in a Facebook post.
Gallagher was awarded with the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars (one with a Combat "V" Device) and numerous other honors, including two Purple Hearts. During the invasion of 2003 Baghdad during OIF I, Gallagher was injured, but continued to battle as a fellow soldier rendered first aid.
He was also shot in the arm during the battle in Mogadishu, Somalia, according to one of Mark Bowden's pieces in the Philadelphia Inquirer that became the basis of Bowden's book, Black Hawk Down.

Somalia says reviewing oil deals U.N. says lack transparency

Oil_Gas_Somali(Reuters) - Somalia said it was reviewing several oil and gas deals that U.N. investigators say lack transparency and risk hindering development of the country's energy industry.


Energy firms are cautiously eyeing Somalia's long coastline, an untapped frontier on the east African seaboard that has become an exploration hot spot after big gas finds in Mozambique and Tanzania. Somalia's southern neighbour Kenya has found oil.


The Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG), an eight-member panel of investigators that monitors compliance with U.N. sanctions, said Mogadishu had signed a series of contracts and cooperation agreements that "highlighted transparency and accountability issues" in state petroleum institutions.


In a report, the monitors said such deals were "likely to exacerbate legal tensions and ownership disputes and stunt the transparent development of Somalia's oil and gas sectors".


Mohamed Keynan, director of communication in the president's office, said Somalia was reviewing several contracts with the help of the Financial Governance Committee (FGC), comprising three Somali members and three donors, including representatives from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.


"The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) will take appropriate action, based on the advice of the FGC," Keynan said in a statement sent to Reuters. "However, it is wrong to assume that all contracts in place with the FGS are in some way flawed."


Somaliland independence battle like Scotland or Catalonia, says Silanyo – video


 Somaliland  independence  battle like Scotland or Catalonia  says Silanyo – video


Hamas leader's daughter treated in Israeli hospital

Ismail-HaniyehThe daughter of Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’s leader in Gaza, has undergone treatment at an Israeli hospital, just weeks after a 50-day war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement that left more than 2,000 people dead.

She was transported to Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv as an emergency case after suffering complications from a procedure originally carried out in Gaza, the coastal enclave whose hospitals came under severe strain due to the deluge of casualties admitted during the summer’s conflict.

The identity of the daughter – one of Mr Haniyeh’s 13 children – has not been revealed, nor have details of her condition been disclosed.

Her admission suggests that humanitarian cooperation between Israel and the Gaza authorities continues despite the bitterness left by the hostilities, which ended on August 26 after both parties accepted the terms of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire.

It is not known if Mr Haniyeh, whose home was destroyed in the conflict but who spent the period sheltering underground from possible Israeli assassination attempts, personally requested or approved his daughter’s transfer to a hospital in Israel.


Somalia Aims for Oil Production by 2020

SomalimapSomalia’s Petroleum Minister Daud Mohamed Omar announced that the country planned to take control over the hydrocarbon sector to produce oil within six years. The Ministry drafted bills for revenue sharing and downstream development, and submitted them to state governments for approval, Omar said in a statement at the second annual Somalia Oil and Gas summit in London.
Omar stressed that the government would protect the rights of concession holders; however, he warned that firms not “sit on the nation’s assets” by keeping force majeure clauses active.

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