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Somalia: ‘It’s our water, sovereignty’

Uhuru.XasanThe Somalia government has now clarified that it is Kenya’s violations of the integrity and sovereignty of Somali water territory that forced it to file a case at the International Courts of Justice on August 28.


Somalia’s Attorney-General, Dr Ahmed Ali Dahir, argued that it is against the international law for Kenya to unilaterally sign agreements with oil and gas companies for explorations in the Somalia territorial waters.

The EastAfrican established that the decision by Somalia to file a case at the ICJ against Kenya for the violations of our territorial waters, has been prompted by the new drive within the circles of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud that the historical dispute between Kenya and Somalia land border that kicked off in 1958 has never been resolved.


But with the prospects of oil and gas deposits in the Indian Ocean, there has been a growing unease within the Somalia government since October 2011, when Kenya unilaterally embarked on military expedition in Somalia, and Nairobi’s subsequent influence in creation of the Jubbaland Interim Administration led by Sheikh Ahmed Madobe.

Omar Hassan Yarrisow, a former spokesperson for President Mohamoud —who is conversant with issues surrounding Kenya/Somalia relations—argued that the Somalia leader has been keen to engage Kenya over the pending land and maritime borders but Kenya has skipped three scheduled meeting without explanation. 


Somalia will be united by 2016, President tells UN General Assembly

XASAN_SHEEKH_UNSomalia is at a critical juncture in its efforts to achieve security and stability, the country’s President told the United Nations General Assembly calling for continued support to strengthen Somalia as a security and ideological “firewall.”

Addressing the 69th high-level debate of the UN General Assembly, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said that Somalia will meet the world’s aspirations for a better future, “We have a country that is beginning to unite as a nation, behind a vision that will see a federal and united Somalia in 2016.”

He noted that his Federal Government is taking concrete steps to engage all Somalis, including women and minority groups, in the political process of nation-building.

“Our success requires the support of our international partners, but most of all it demands the ownership and commitment of the Somali people,” he said.

The President’s address follows a high-level meeting on Somalia held earlier this week on the margins of the General Assembly’s opening high-level session.

During the event, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon noted that the Somali peace process is “gathering momentum” but warned that there is “much work still ahead” for the Horn of Africa country.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr. Ban voiced optimism that the country was on track to achieving political and national stability through the Somali Federal Government’s “Vision 2016” plan for a political transformation, to which Mr. Mohamud alluded in his speech.

In his address, the President also noted the humanitarian threat facing Somalia with around 3.2 million people in need of life-saving or livelihood saving aid.

A $933 million humanitarian appeal for the country remains “severely underfunded” with only 32 per cent of the amount received.


EXCLUSIVE:Six weeks after being declared dead, Canadian Jihadi Farah Mohamed Shirdon resurfaces with threats of NY terror attack(VIDEO)

Shirdon0Six weeks after he was declared dead, a Canadian in the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham resurfaced on video Thursday, vowing the terrorist group was preparing to bomb New York and fly its flag over the White House.

Interviewed from Iraq by the U.S. website, Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a former Calgary movie theatre employee, appeared erratic and became increasingly enraged as he dished out threats and claimed God was on his side.
“God willing, we will make some attacks in New York soon, a lot of brothers are mobilizing there right now in the West, thanks to Allah,” he said. Smiling, he added they were “mobilizing for a brilliant attack, my friend.”
ISIS was conducting beheadings because “you attack one of us, we will attack one of you,” he said, adding, “We will stop when we behead the kuffar [disbelievers] and when we turn his children into our slaves.”
But as if to undermine his boasts, he said he was under attack “day and night” and would have to go, apparently because of yet another assault. Calling himself Abu Usamah, Mr. Shirdon was eulogized online by fellow terrorists in August but later returned to Twitter to say he had been injured but was alive.

Somalia: The President's Bank - Corruption Allegations Tarnish Somalia's Brave New World


ANALYSIS-By Jay Bahadur

The election of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in September 2012 was heralded internationally as an almost messianic break from the past, an end to Somalia's never-ending progression of corrupt "transitional" governments and the beginning of a brave new era.


Once in office, Hassan Sheikh was feted by Western powers in London and Brussels, where he spoke of rebuilding Somalia and opening up the country to foreign investment. At a Brussels conference in September 2013, enthusiastic European donors delivered the ultimate endorsement - a pledge of $2.4 billion as part of a "New Deal" for Somalia.


But Hassan Sheikh's tenure as the international community's chosen one may be coming to an end. On 9 July 2014, the U.N. Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea submitted a 37-page letter - leaked to Reuters news agency and this writer - to the U.N. Security Council accusing the president and a Maryland-based law firm of "a conspiracy to divert the recovery of overseas assets" belonging to the Central Bank of Somalia (CBS). At least one of the president's close advisors, who was paid by the law firm for services rendered, was implicated in the letter for supplying arms to the al-Qaeda linked Islamist group al-Shabab.


Ashraf Ghani declared winner of Afghan poll (VIDEO)

 ashrafAshraf Ghani declared winner of Afghan poll


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