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Mohamed Abdulle can finally smile. Something he was unable to do for 20 years +VIDEO

maxamed_qalin_smallMohamed Abdulle can finally smile. Something he was unable to do for 20 years.

The Somalian refugee received a life changing surgery from doctors at John Peter Smith Hospital.

Abdulle fled Somalia on foot during the country’s civil war when he was 8 years old. His mother was dead and his father and sister disappeared amid the chaos. He and his two brothers joined up with other refugees as they fled their war torn country.

At the age 10, at a camp near the Somalia/Kenyan border, Abdulle was attacked by a 12-foot snake.

He woke up to the snake biting his face and tried to fight it off. His screams woke up his companions who said the snake had been trying to swallow him.

His companions were able to fight the snake off and kill it before it killed Abdulle.
After the attack, Abdulle was swollen from the poison and was blinded for two years before he regained sight. An infection left him without an upper lip. Unable to close his mouth, he was sensitive to heat and cold

“His gum was real swollen and he started bleeding real bad so he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t do anything,” said Asli Parker, president of the Somali Community Peace Effort in Fort Worth and an employee and interpreter at the Family Health Clinic.

After fleeing to Kenya, then Uganda, Abdulle registered as a refugee and finally made it to the United States in 2010, where surgeon Fayette Williams, faculty member in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, agreed to help.

“We borrow from the bottom lip and we take a piece from the bottom out and we flip it up and place it up to replace the top lip,” he said.

It’s a surgery most commonly performed on patients with lip cancer.

Though he was able to regain two lips, his bite and teeth also needed help.

Dr. John Kelley, a Fort Worth Orthodontist, stepped in to help.

It was a dream come true for Abdulle.

“Lip or no lip, he smiled every time he came to the office,” Kelley said.

After three years of treatment, Abdulle’s transformation is finally complete.

Despite the language barrier, Abdulle thanked his doctors profusely.

And while Abdulle is grateful to his doctors for helping him now have a normal life, the doctors are grateful to Abdulle, for showing them what courage and grace is all about.

“It’s courage at the highest level and it’s the human spirit that is unquenchable and it’s been very inspiring for all of us,” Dr. Kelley said.
Abdulle says he is looking forward to dating and marriage


ethiopian maid found hanging tree in saudi

siciidouaAn African man demonstrated great skill when he snatched an item worth nearly SR15,000 (Dh14,66) at a jewelry shop before passing it to the woman next to him.

another video showed the woman then pretended to be asking the shop owner about the price of another item before the couple left the shop with their big loot.

The Saudi Arabic language daily Arar said the theft took place at a key jewelry shop in the northern town of Arar and that the owner was not aware of the missing item until after the couple had left. It said police had mounted a manhunt for the two


Somali soldiers training by EU to be shifted to Somalia

eu_trainingBRUSSELS - Training of Somali soldiers by the EU will be shifted from Uganda to Somalia early next year, with an improvement in the security climate there, the EU said in a statement Tuesday.The EU Training Mission in Somalia (EUTM Somalia), launched in early 2010, has so far trained 3,600 Somali troops, mainly at a camp in Bihanga, 250 kilometres (155 miles) west of the Ugandan capital Kampala where the EUTM headquarters is located.But, "in the first months of 2014, the mission is set to conduct all its advisory, mentoring and training activities in Mogadishu, Somalia," the EU statement said.




I Have Hiv (VIDEO)


Google Expands Map Navigation to Djibouti and Somalia

maapAmerican internet multinational corporation Google have revealed the company’s famous map navigation service is being extended to about 25 countries in Asia, South America and Africa—including Somalia, Burundi and Djibouti.
Beginning today, all persons with Android phones in Burundi, Djibouti and Somalia will have the ability to enjoy voice-guided street-by-street navigation from their phones. The map service also provides information about town, streets, buildings and other important destinations. It is currently unclear if the service will run on other operating systems, such as Apple’s iOS, yet.

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