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‘Miracle baby’ survives 11-storey fall from Minneapolis high-rise

eeib2A young boy dubbed “the miracle baby” remains in critical condition but is expected to survive after falling 11 stories from a Minneapolis high-rise.

Fifteen-month-old Musa Dayib suffered a broken spine and ribs as well as a concussion and a punctured lung. Musa’s relatives believe he slipped through the balcony’s railing Sunday evening.

Hennepin County Medical Center spokeswoman Christine Hill says the boy was in critical but stable condition Wednesday.

Dr. Tina Slusher of the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit tells the Star Tribune that Musa landed on a small patch of mulch. Slusher says “it’s a real gift from God” that the boy survived.

“If you and I fell that far, we would be dead,” she said. “He’s a baby and … he happened to land on a very small patch of mulchy area…. They tend to be more flexible and pliable than you and I would be.


UK troops working with US military at Djibouti base for Yemen drone operations THEGUARDIAN

drones1British liaison staff are embedded with US forces in the Horn of Africa, the Ministry of Defence has revealed, as concern grows about redeployment of the UK squadron of 10 armed Reaper drones.
Although three British officers are based at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti – the US base from which unmanned strikes are launched against al-Qaida groups in Yemen – the MoD denies they are involved in co-ordinating such attacks.
Both the human rights organisation Reprieve and the Labour former defence minister Tom Watson have expressed anxiety over British involvement in covert drone operations beyond Afghanistan.
The MoD is thought to be reluctant to bring home its squadron of Reapers, controlled remotely by satellite from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, once operations in Afghanistan end later this year. Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), as the RAF prefers to describe them, cannot fly freely in UK airspace due to Civil Aviation Authority restrictions.
The presence of British officers in Djibouti will heighten expectations that the ground is being prepared for redeployment of UK drones elsewhere overseas.

Teen stowaway's ongoing odyssey MB

yaxye1SAN JOSE, CALIF. — The odyssey of a 15-year-old Somali immigrant who clambered into a jetliner wheel well in San Jose and defied the odds by surviving the flight to Hawaii remains unresolved more than two weeks after his astounding journey.
Yahya Abdi was placed in the custody of child protective services and has not returned to his father, stepmother and siblings in their Santa Clara, California, home. His mother is stuck in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, hoping to get asylum in the U.S. San Jose police say Abdi has an attorney and could face charges.
Abdi has not spoken publicly since he stumbled out of the landing gear compartment of a jet in Maui on April 20. But his friends who went to a mosque in California with him said he frequently talked about wanting to go home to Somalia because he missed his mom, Ubah Mohammed Abdule, and had trouble getting along with his dad and stepmom.
His mother, interviewed by The Associated Press at the Shedder Refugee Camp in Ethiopia, says the boy's father had told their children she was dead. She said they only recently learned she was alive from another Somali refugee who resettled in California. The father, Abdulahi Yusuf, said his son was struggling to adjust to life in America.
At 38,000 feet — the cruising altitude of the Hawaiian Airlines flight — the outside air temperature is about minus 85 degrees. The air is so thin that a person will pass out when the brain is starved of oxygen.

Somali man claiming refugee status in Canada is under investigation by the FBI and ‘may pose danger to the public’ NP

fbiA Somali described as a “person-of-interest” to the FBI is being held in Manitoba after he and another man walked across the border from Minnesota and were captured by RCMP officers.
Ahmed Abdi Ismail and his travelling companion got 15 kilometres inland before they were picked up by members of the RCMP Integrated Border Enforcement Team on March 20.
Three days later, FBI agents flew to Winnipeg to interview Mr. Ismail, who is described in court documents only as “the subject of an FBI investigation for matters of security.”

Somalia: Exiting Somalia Not an Option - Ruto

rutoAbdiwali200214Deputy President William Ruto was on Monday categorical that Kenya would not withdraw its troops from Somalia, until the war against the Al-Shabaab militia is won. VSpeaking after meeting Kenya's top security chiefs at his office, Ruto dismissed those calling for an early exit, saying such a move will amount to an act of cowardice.
While underscoring the need for the Judiciary and all government agencies to play their role in the fight against terrorism, Ruto stressed the need for every Kenyan to be involved in the initiative, saying that this is the only way to overcome such attacks.
"We will not relent and we will not withdraw from Somalia. We will not be cowed or intimidated until Somalia has a free and stable government free from terror. But the singular fact that cannot be denied is that our troops have greatly destabilised Al Shabaab operations and created relative peace and security in that country," he said.
The Deputy President further urged Kenyans not to panic since security agencies have thwarted many attempts against Al Shabaab, and this is why they are focusing on killing innocent Kenyans.

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