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It’s Somali vs Somali at TDSB :TORONTOSUN

somalitoronto“We are tired of being marginalized. We came to Canada to integrate, but it seems officials at the TDSB would like us to segregate ourselves into ghettoes.” Those are the words of Suban Abdullahi, mother of two kids in the Toronto school system and three more who have graduated and are now in university.
She is one angry Canadian, livid over a proposal by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to create a “Somali Task Force” to look into absenteeism and crime among Toronto’s Somali-Canadian youth.
“Eighty-three percent of the children of Somali descent were born in Canada. They are Canadians, not Somali-Canadians,” she tells me.
It all began in January, 2013 when Toronto MPP Mike Colle, who has a large Somali-Canadian population in his riding, sent a letter to the TDSB asking that it set up a “task force” for Somali-Canadian students in the wake of the murders of 50 youths in Alberta and Ontario.

Prosecutor says woman warned men who joined al-Shabab to be careful in case FBI was listening

maxkamdusaMINNEAPOLIS — Deportation to Somalia could be "a potential death sentence" for a young woman who lied to a grand jury about raising money for men who left Minnesota to join a terrorist group in Somalia, her attorney argued in documents unsealed during her sentencing hearing Tuesday.
Prosecutors are asking for at least a two-year prison sentence for Saynab Hussein, arguing that she was involved in the conspiracy — and even warned the men to be careful in case the FBI was listening. But one of her attorneys said Hussein was merely a naive teenager who had no intent of promoting terrorism, and got caught up in something she didn't understand.
"Saynab Hussein is not a radical extremist," defense attorney Dulce Foster told the judge.
Defense attorneys also contended, in the court documents, that she should be sentenced to probation. They said a sentence of a year or longer would allow authorities to initiate deportation proceedings. Hussein is a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. and left Somalia when she was a year old.Hussein, of Nashville, Tenn., had appeared in federal court in Minneapolis on Tuesday expecting to be sentenced on one count of perjury in connection with the government's long-running investigation into recruiting and financing for al-Shabab, a terrorist group with links to al-Qaida.

African migrant workers facing intolerable abuse

african_imigrntThe Human Rights Watch report gave an insight into the conditions faced by refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migrants who flee Libya for Europe. Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi
The Human Rights Watch report gave an insight into the conditions faced by refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migrants who flee Libya for Europe. Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi
Sub-Saharan migrant workers in Libya continued to face harassment, arbitrary arrests and forced labour by criminal gangs and militias, Human Rights Watch said in its 2014 World Report.
Although the report barely mentioned Malta specifically, it provided insight into the conditions faced by the refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migrants who flee Libya on boats bound for Europe.
Rampant ill-treatment and deaths in custody persisted
Data from the UN refugee office showed that 2,008 irregular migrants arrived in Malta last year, including 1,380 who had been granted some form of international protection by the end of November.
Human Rights Watch painted a picture of instability in Libya, where “armed groups controlled security in many parts of the country, thousands of detainees remained in government and militia-controlled detention facilities without access to justice and rampant ill-treatment and deaths in custody persisted”.
In Somalia, where most asylum seekers in Malta come from, the watchdog noted “civilians suffered serious human rights abuses as the new Somali government struggled to extend its control beyond the capital, Mogadishu, and to key towns in south-central Somalia in 2013”.

Turkey hosts talks between Somalia and Somaliland:DAILY ZAMAN

som-slTurkey hosted the third official talks between Somalia and Somaliland for the improvement of relations and political dialogue between the country and its autonomous zone on Jan. 16-19 in İstanbul.
Releasing a statement on Monday, the Foreign Ministry said that during the inter-delegation meeting, the two sides had agreed on a final statement.

Mossad chief reportedly visited Saudi Arabia for talks on Iran

isreal1Mossad chief  visited Saudi Arabia recently, if unofficial reports published over the weekend on the WorldNetDaily website are accurate. The Internet news site attributed the story to Arab sources.

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