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Somaliland Set to Usher in Major Port Investment ALLAFRICA

berberaThe breakaway state is finalising a huge port investment, boosting its efforts to serve as a trade hub between the African and Arab worlds

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir arrives in South Sudan for talks: AFP

albashiir_oo_tagaySudan and South Sudan have agreed to consider setting up a joint force to protect vital oilfields during the ongoing crisis in the South, Sudan's foreign minister has said.

The discussion was broached on Monday during a visit to Juba by Bashir, where South Sudan requested talks on deploying a joint force to secure at-risk oil fields.

"Sudan and South Sudan are in consultations about the deployment of a mixed force to protect the oilfields in the South," Ali Ahmed Karti said, adding that Juba had come up with the proposal.

Karti spoke at the airport in Khartoum after visiting Juba where President Bashir met Salva Kiir, president of South Sudan, in a diplomatic effort to halt fighting in South Sudan.

Sudan fears the three-week-old conflict in its southern neighbour could disrupt oil flows and damage its own struggling economy.

Bashir's visit came as negotiators in Ethiopia began a process of direct ceasefire talks to end weeks of fighting.

"There should be peace and security in South Sudan," Bashir said as he visited Juba.

"We come so that we can bring peace to South Sudan, to our brothers and sisters in South Sudan. Our relationship is very important," Bashir told reporters.

Radio Omdurman said on Sunday that Bashir would meet President Kiir in Juba for talks on the conflict affecting the world's youngest country.

"President Bashir will go to Juba to meet (President) Salva Kiir and discuss the crisis in the South," it announced in an SMS message to media outlets, news agency AFP reported.Earlier, the foreign ministry spokesman in Khartoum reaffirmed Sudan's wish to see "a continuation of the political process aimed at finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict in South Sudan".

He also underlined Sudan's willingness "to offer everything in its power to ensure success of the initiative by IGAD", the East African regional bloc brokering the talks.

The diplomatic effort is aimed at ending three weeks of fighting in South Sudan that has left thousands dead and about 200,000 people displaced.
Direct talks - Direct peace talks began on Monday after days of trying to get the rival delegations in to the same room, AFP news agency quoted Ethiopia's government spokesman as saying.

The conflict in South Sudan erupted on December 15, pitting army units loyal to Kiir against a loose alliance of ethnic

Machar denies allegations that he started the conflict by attempting a coup, and in turn accuses the president of orchestrating a violent purge.

UN peacekeeping bases have also been overwhelmed with civilians seeking shelter, many of them fleeing ethnic violence between Kiir's Dinka community and Machar's Nuer tribe.


British weapons could be arming Somali pirates THE INDEPENDENT

budhcad_badeedaThe Government has been forced into an urgent review over why nearly 44,000 guns in only 15 months were sent to tackle piracy in East Africa and a number of repressive regimes.


BashirGothThe most heartwarming initiative that happened in Mogadishu in 2013 was the start of an 
inspirational reconstruction momentum thanks to the city’s energetic and ambitious mayor 
Mohamud Ahmed Nur Tarsan. If he continuous with this vigor and commitment aimed at 
restoring the beauty and glory of Mogadishu, Tarsan will be the person to watch in 2014. 

Chinese foreign minister to visit Africa ; Ethiopia, Djibouti, Ghana and Senegal

wasiirka_arrimaha_dibada_shiinahaChinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will visit Ethiopia, Djibouti, Ghana and Senegal from Jan. 6 to 11, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a daily press briefing here on Thursday.

Choosing Africa as the destination of the foreign minister's first visit in the new year shows how China values Africa, said Qin.

He added that it has been a tradition since 1991 for Chinese foreign ministers to first visit Africa every new year.

"It is also the first visit paid by the foreign minister to sub-Saharan Africa since China's new administration took office," Qin said.

China believes the visit will deepen state-to-state friendship, mutual trust and cooperation, and boost Sino-African friendship of cooperation, Qin said.

Wang is invited by Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tewodros Adhanom, Djibouti's Foreign Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf, Ghana's Foreign Minister Hannah Tetteh and Senegal's Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye.


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