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2,200 army veterans to be deployed in Somalia

amisomreuters1The army has recalled at least 2,200 ex-soldiers for deployment against the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab terrorists in war-ravaged Somalia. The recall targets army veterans, retired soldiers, reserve forces, Local Defence Units and members of auxiliary forces like Amuka and Arrow Boys in northern and eastern regions.
The UPDF’s Fifth Division spokesperson, Lt Telesphor Turamumanya, at the weekend said the recruitment is intended to beef security in Somalia early next year. He also said more than 180 ex-soldiers are expected to come from the Fifth Division which covers Lango and Acholi regions after undergoing a three-month training.
The Fifth Division spokesperson also said the veterans must be below 47 years and should have been at the rank of lieutenant at the time of retirement if they are to be eligible for deployment.
Lt Turamumanya said they must also present a discharge certificate, a letter of recommendation from local council authorities and should be physically and mentally fit. “Army deserters and those dismissed with disgrace will not be considered. Successful candidates will undergo refresher training at the Peace Support Operations Training School in Singo,” he said.
Apart from the UPDF troops on the peacekeeping mission in Somalia, Uganda also deployed police personnel, some of whom supervised the recent presidential elections in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia.
With a current force of about 7,000 troops in Somalia, Uganda contributes the bulk of the African Union peacekeeping Mission in Somalia, followed by Kenya, Burundi and Djibouti. 
UN resolution passed this year permitted an increase in the number of troops, allowing the peacekeeping force to extend operations to all the regions of Somalia.

Riots erupt in Turkey over corruption scandal (VIDEO)


Riots erupt in Turkey over corruption scandal


Losing glasses brings Somalia war zone into focus ;BBC

SHABELEThis is the story about how I mislaid my spectacles on a battlefield in central Somalia.
But it's also about how I learnt something new to me - that many parts of Somalia are very beautiful.
There are green fertile plains and there are soaring mountains.
I got to see these parts of Somalia - and yes, I can see without my reading glasses - through the bullet-proof windows of an armoured personnel carrier.
My journey there was under the protection of African Union troops who are fighting a full-scale war against highly motivated, radical Islamists of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabab army.

Husbands prohibited from tracking, bugging wives GULFNEWS

DUBAIFAMILYDubai: It against the law for husbands to spy on their wives by bugging their cars or tapping their phones.
Marriage does not permit a husband to keep his wife under surveillance without her consent because doing so is a breach of privacy, according to Senior Chief Prosecutor Esmail Madani, Head of the Public Funds Prosecution.
“A husband who taps his wife’s phone or bugs her car without consent is committing a crime that’s punishable by law. Marriage should not be deemed as an alibi for a husband or wife to bug the other party without permission or consent. Husbands or wives will be subject to legal action if they are caught breaching their partner’s privacy. Individuals should be aware that using the telecommunications systems to bug someone without obtaining prior permission from the concerned authorities is a crime,” Madani said on Wednesday.
His warning came in light of a Dubai Appeal Court’s judgement against a 38-year-old Emirati man, H.A., who was jailed for three months and fined Dh10,000, for secretly installing a tracking and bugging device in the car of his 31-year-old countrywoman E.Y., who he is now divorced.
Although H.A. contended that E.Y. was still his wife when he installed the tracking device, Starfinder AV120, in her car the court found him guilty.

Egypt formally declares Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group (VIDEO)

EGYPTYMAYDThe Egyptian government on Wednesday formally declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and banned its protests nationwide.

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