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VIDEO:Iraqi parliament in limbo as ISIL declares Islamic caliphate


Iraqi parliament in limbo as ISIL declares Islamic caliphate


France: burqa ban is legal and will stay – European Human Rights Court +VIDEO

xijabeThe Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights has ruled that France’s ban on full-face veils does not breach religious freedom.
That means the so-called burqa ban is legal and will stay.

The ruling was in relation to a case brought by a woman, described as “a devout Muslim,” who wears the burqa for religious, personal and cultural reasons.
France has the largest Muslim minority in Europe, around 5 million, and some of the continent’s most restrictive laws about expressing faith in public.
In 2010, it was the first EU country to pass a law banning the Burqa. Belgium later passed a similar law. Italy and the Netherlands are expected to follow suit.
Judges at the court said the law did not exceed the margin of interpretation in interpretation by states in implementing the European Convention on Human Rights.

The decision is definitive.
French officials say the covering one’s face is a security risk because it prevents people from being identified.
Anyone wearing the full-face veil in public is liable to a fine of 150 euros or lessons in French citizenship.



VIDEO:What is a 'caliphate'? Iraq Conflict - BBC News


What is a 'caliphate'? Iraq Conflict - BBC News


Al-Shabaab have regional agenda - UN

ALSHABAAB_KA_HADASHAY_2Al-Shabaab militants have the “capability and intent” to spread their attacks beyond their strongholds in Somalia, a UN special representative has warned.
The group “is an organisation that has a regional agenda,” Mr Nick Kay, the UN special representative in Somalia, said at the weekend and called for greater regional cooperation to combat the threat.

From Morocco to Jakarta, Muslims mark Ramadan

ramadnAcross a wide belt that stretches halfway around the globe, the world's estimated 1.6 billion Muslims will mark the beginning of Ramadan this weekend. The holy season is marred by unprecedented turmoil, violence and sectarian hatreds that threaten to rip apart the Middle East, the epicenter of Islam.
Syria is bleeding. Militants have taken over large parts of Iraq. Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Egypt are all battling Islamic extremists. Millions of war refugees are scattered across the landscape.
Although the bloodshed has eroded much of the Ramadan joy, millions of Shiite and Sunni Muslims will fast for grueling hours, both hoping for God's acceptance.

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