Hambalyo Dhalasho Oo Ku Socota Cabdinaasir X.Daaud Warsame Oo Wiil Ugu Dhashay Hargeysa

.......''''......Hambalyo dhalasho farxad Leh........'''''.......
.......''''......Hambalyo dhalasho farxad Leh........'''''....... 
Waxan halkan Hanbalyo dhalasho farxad Leh uga dirayaa Dhamaan Reer Sheekh Cilmi Mixile Waxay Hambalyo dhalasho farxad Leh Walaalkod 
( AbdiNasir Xaaji Daaud Warsame)
Oo Wiil ugu dhashay Magalada Hargeysa waxan leenahay wiil iyo caano Gabadh iyo caano bash bash iyo barwaaqo ilhay ha kaa dhigo kii Diin tiisa iyo dadkiisa iyo

In light of Al Shabaab’s Daring Attack on Villa Somalia, Heads should Roll : Yabaarag

yabaragLast Friday’s Al Shabaab attack on Villa Somalia is the clearest indication that there 
is a complete security breakdown in Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud’s government. Had 
the incumbent decided to come out a few minutes earlier to perform his prayers in the 
mosque, the country could have the first dead president since the troubles started two 
decades ago, and since the assassination of the late Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke on 
15th October, 1969. The fact that some of the terrorists have managed to enter inside 

Hand Shaking deals never bring permanent Solution in Politics. In Kulmiye some of the tribes have got a veto power, the rest are yes men By Hamud Duale

kulmiye2Samale and Bihi, were not foes, as KILMKIYE party is puting it. Both of them were having the ambition to contest for the top job of the party. Democratically each one of them has got the right to do so, like any other member of the party, regardless of their tribes and origin. So there is no need to celebrate for the their hand shakes. The problem of KULMIYE is deeper than that. To some, It might look like a temporary solution, to win the next election. But to me it is a misleading to the hardworking, sincere members of the party and all Somalilanders. Who do you think they are fooling? In KILMIYE Samale and Bihi are the only two from the tribe of four legs, which is good and eligible for the contest to the top job. All the other tribes are bad, and have two legs and they are not eligible for the contest. Is that fair? Four legs good, two legs bad, the rule of KULMIYE and the rule of the  animal farm. Shame.

Geeri baa ka qurux badan inay sharafta qayiranto;By Abdirizak sh. mahamoud

Maqaal1Geeri baa ka qurux badan inay sharafta qayiranto; Allahii qowlaladan jeexay baa quudsha aadmiga, waxa qof dila raashin qollo lagu raacaaye; ragow qudhiska Eebaa baxshee sharafta qiimeeya
Waxaan faalada kaga hadlayaa hadal uu 17kii bishan aan ku jirno kaga hadlay wasiirka shaqada iyo arimiha bulshada ee Somaliland Mr Garaad; xaflad lagu abaal marinayay wariyayaal, kunu hadlay hadalo gaf iyo qeel daaf ku ah milgaha iyo sharafta dadka uu ka soo jeedo ee uu u matalo dawlada Somaliland, inuu is buriyo, una noqodo mid dhuuni raac ah. Iyaa waxan hadana ka dhegeystay shabakada awdalpress raali galin uu ka bixinayo hadalkii uu ku raali galaniyay beesha dhexa kuna xaqirayay falalkii iyo gumaadkii ay jabhada SNM ama sidaa aanu caruurnimadii ku baraney oo ahayd Jabhada Qudhmista ay u geysteen umada uu wasiirku ka soo jeedo. Waxanan leehay wasiirka aniga oo ku hadlaya magaca dhalintii waalidkooda iyo qaraabadooda ay ku xasuuqeen jabhada Qudhmistu ama SNM nawaaxiga Dilla, Idhanka, magaala cad, duudweyne, Satiile, Jufo uuray, iyo nawaaxiga ku xeeran, waxan kaliya kugu cafinaynaa wasiire marka aad Hargeysa jir Jaraa’di ka qabatid ama xaflad tii aad nagu bahdishay mid la m!

‘’Raising a Flags without credentials By: Abdi Rahman Hamud Alleel

We all know that States are admitted to membership in the United Nations by decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council. The procedure is that the State submits an application to the Secretary-General and a letter formally stating that it accepts the obligations under the Charter. Then Security Council considers the application. Any recommendation for admission must receive the affirmative votes of 9 of the 15 members of the Council, provided that none of its five permanent members — have voted against the application. If the Council recommends admission, the recommendation is presented to the General Assembly for consideration. A two-thirds majority vote is necessary in the Assembly for admission of a new State. Finally, Membership becomes effective the date the resolution for admission is adopted. At each session, the General Assembly considers the credentials of all representatives of Member States participating in that session!!!


Secretary General of Awdal State of Somalia and Director of Trade Advice Bureau Abdi Hamud Alel with the UK former Minister of Africa‘

Therefore, AwDAL State of Somalia in partnership with the other Somali States, strongly condemn the act of raising Somaliland flag in Istanbul, during the Somali and Somaliland final communique. This act deliberately committed by the Turkish government without any consent from the United Nation Security Council nor a credentials accepted by the office of the Secretary General. All Somali States, particularly those within in the boundary of the British Somaliland territory, disapprove the credentials and existence of so-called Somaliland, because Somaliland is not a peace-loving and democratic state and it does not accept or respect the obligations contained in the United Nations charter, such as, diversity and equal distribution of seats among resident. Hence, Somaliland government have committed and still committing crimes against humanity such as bloodsheds in Khatumo region, murders in CeelBardale, corruption, revenge, arrests without trials, Alshabab controlling some government departments, killing of western humanitarian activists etc.

In conclusion, all Somali States condemns the outcome of the communique and the dialogue process itself, because all other Somali States consider these communiques between only two clans. Somali people will review the confidence given to the Turkish government within the talks towards the restoration of hope and stability in Somalia. Overall, the outcome of these dialogues is an insult to our intelligence, because we will not accept partial apology towards some while others still suffer the killings, such as mass-murder and genocide in Borama-City in 1991 and pains and the traumas caused by SNM to the innocence civilians.

Overall Somali States support a collective debates, dialogues and communiques between all the Somali States led by the Somali Federal State, his excellency Hassan Shekh Mohmoud and The Prime Minister Abdi Weli Sheikh, who will accountable to the transparency and to the general development of each state and backed up by the international community and the united nations with respect to its credentials and the credentials of each state submitted to the Somali Federal Government.

Abdi Rahman Hamud Alleel
Msc, PGCE, LLB, BSc, BSc, Eng


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